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Tywappity Community Lake

We visited Tywappity Community Lake on November 9, 2019. It seems as if we have visited more often than this one time, but as of now these are the photos I have found. Tywappity is near Chaffee, Missouri, in Scott County and is maintained by the Missouri Department of Conservation. From Chaffee, take Route A east to Route RA, which leads to the lake. It is close enough to Cape Girardeau and the surrounding areas for a wonderful day trip hike. As shown in the video above, it makes a great Autumn hike. The sign says the trail is 2.5 miles long, but when we hiked it my app put it at 3.15 miles. This may have been the year the bridge was out on the far side of the lake and we had to go a distance into the forest to get to an area that was without water enough for us to walk around the broken bridge.

These are some of the same photos as in the above slideshow video, but I wanted to add some for you to enjoy.

Another "famous feet shot" as we call them. I love the leaves against the moss in this one.

There are a lot of bridges on this trail which makes it a lot of fun.

The lake is almost always in view and if not, only for a short time.

A tradition it seems for me every Autumn is to hold up Fall leaves against the blue sky. I love it!

This is me!

This two photo pano shows how close the lake is to the trail and bridge.

Look at the sun stars glistening off the water around his behind! Too cool.

This is me. It does take longer to go around the trail if you sit, or lay, and enjoy it. I recommend it!




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