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Hawn State Park

Hawn State Park & Pickle Creek Trail, September 14, 2022

Hawn State Park is located at 12096 Park Dr #8121, New Offenburg (but really Weingarten), Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri. It is reached off of Highway 32 which runs between Highway 55 and Farmington. It is a great location for those living both in St. Louis area and Southeast Missouri area. My second visit at Hawn State Park was much better than the first! I went with some other girl campers and really enjoyed myself. Pickle Creek is so enjoyable to relax by and the trail followed the Creek and there were so many places to sit and relax I could have stayed a long time there. The campground was also very nice. I am glad I faced my previous fears and went again. No wonder so many people post and talk about how great this park.

Hawn State Park, Whispering Pine Trail North Loop, March 13, 2011

The first time I visited Hawn State Park was in 2011 when the local photography group announced a photowalk event to join the Missouri Conservation Department for a 2 mile hike. I knew I could hike 2 miles so off I went with the group. Oh goodness! I learned a lesson when it turned out to be a 6 mile hike! That is way behind the limit for my feet and they hurt so bad I struggled to finish the very end of the hike. I think I was the only one from our group to show up. I enjoyed the hike and the people, but the distance about did me in and left and bad feeling for this park in my mind. I see Scott Kelly was our guide from the photos. Spring not having sprung yet the trails were still like Winter, so there is a totally different perspective of this photo slideshow than the above video in the middle of Summer.



Here are some photos from the above slideshow video in 202. I like to include a few of the photos on the page.

This was my morning spot with my tea and reading at Pickle Creek right by the camping area.

We walked the Pickle Creek Trail out and back. Except for the Overlook Trail which is near the park office, all of the trails begin and end at the same parking area.

Ahhh! Pickle Creek!

This is where I skinny dipped! Shhh. Don't tell anyone.

This is the paved trail that is very short to the overlook which is not much of an overlook!


Here are some photos from the above slideshow video in 2011. I like to include a few of the photos on the page.

Can you believe the trail goes around that corner on the edge of a cliff?

As you can see, the water is not as fabulous in March as it is when things green up.

I remember really liking this boulder area of the trail.

When I got back I just had to take a photo of the trail I had been on to document that I hiked 6 miles!

I might have made the 4 mile south loop better than the 6 mile north loop.




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