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Cape Girardeau Armory

In May 2012, I was learning more about my camera and decided to head out somewhere random in town to play with slow shutter speed to try to get the light streaks of vehicles on Independence Street. This is my final version! There is a struggle in getting the sign to not be blown out and unreadable while getting the light streaks at the same time, so this photo is a combined image to get the desired effect.

Below are some of the other images during the photoshoot. Playing is fun!

Here I managed to get the sign fairly well with the light streak and the twinkle light.

It just amazes me how different all of the photos and all I did was change some settings.

Here I have cool light streaks and a twinkle light, and yet the sign is blown out.

This one was in the blue hour. I do so love the blue hour!

Here you see the twinkle of headlights and the sign in focus, but no light streaks.

Here are the light streaks, the twinkle, and the sign is readable on the top, but not on the bottom.

This one actually looks pretty good!


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