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Academic Hall, Southeast Missouri State University

Sledding Academic Hall Terraces and Cardiac Hill 2005

This video makes me smile and laugh. The Terraces are located at Academic Hall on the Southeast Missouri State University campus and Cardiac Hill is between Academic Hall and Towers (dormatitory). These older 2005 videos are not great quality, but still good enough to enjoy.

Academic Hall, Snowstorm Feb 2021

The above is a short video of the snow around Cape Girardeau on February 16, 2021, and at the end is Academic Hall.

This is a photo I took in 2021.

Behind Academic Hall is Kent Library with the fountain feature. To the left of Kent Library is where Deermont was housed when I was in college. Deermont was a dormatory and I lived on C-3 the first room on the left! The building is used for something else now.

Here are two nighttime photos I took on January 11, 2019, during the snow.

The next photos are from November 9, 2017, in Autumn. I also drove up the street to the right of Academic that leads to the parking lot behind to get more Autumn colors.

This is a quick photo taken in 2005 of the awesome sledding hill at Academic Hall known as The Terraces. I have also seen many activities held on these hills, such as movies outdoors and other events for students. Our family also sledded down Cardiac Hill between Academic and Towers as seen in the video above.



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