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Lesson 6I - Four Selection Tools (the basics)
(pdf) (link to comment)
You will often read or hear me speak of a selection as "marching ants." Having the ability to make a selection is vital to so many of the other tools and actions in PSE.

To make something from nothing, it would require drawing a selection.

There are four main selection tools, with sub-tools within them.

Take the time to REALLY get to know the selection tools.
This tutorial only covers the basics of the selection tools. There is SO much to learn about selections that these skills will be learned by hands on learning within other tutorials.

Practice using the Control D keyboard shortcut. It is one of my most used keyboard shortcuts.

When are done playing with the selection tools, post a comment what you have learned. Ask any questions.

This lesson does not require a layout for credit, but if you do create, please do share.

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I've just discovered you and your website. I stayed up until 2 am reading it last night - not a good thing - as you talk about in your addiction page.


Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!