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Lesson 8A - Visual Weight

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The last five tutorials are a set of tutorials to help you become a better scrapper. I am not naturally artistic and, therefore, have developed some guidelines to follow.

In the first tutorial, you will learn the 8 principles that effect visual weight. This is one of my most valuable tutorials. Learning the 8 principles of visual weight changed my scrapping style.

The 8 principles work together to create visual weight. Changing one will affect another.

Learning to recognize these 8 principles in your layouts is something I highly recommend you continue to work on with every layout.

In the second video, you will learn about grounding, an essential principle to creating good layouts.

One of the best ways to learn to be a better scrapbooker is to be brave and share your layouts with other scrapbookers and simple ask them for suggestions. That is how I learned and developed these principals by analyzing suggestions other scrapbookers gave to me.

Create a layout and share it with me. I will be along to point out to you the visual weight principles that are working in your layout (or not working) and give you suggestions for improvement, if any.

Thereafter, you will redo your layout and share the redo. This is the BEST way to learn to become a better scrapper and to learn to recognize these 8 principles in layouts.

In addition, the more people that are sharing both the before and after layouts, the more we all will teach each other.


Keep some souvenirs of your past, or how will you ever prove it wasn't all a dream? Ashleigh Brilliant

I love everything you do and really appreciate everything. I am one of the "lurkers" who appreciate everything you do and yet am kind of shy about posting for everyone to see. I just wanted you to know there are people like me who appreciate everything you do, and how simple you make all of this for us. I am one that benefits because you care enough to do it. People you don't even know -you must be a very caring person. I can't believe that you do all of this while working full time-even though you enjoy it!! 3/1/07


Click to read and see how others have changed their layouts to learn even more. THERE ARE A LOT OF SAMPLES ON THIS LINK!



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