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Lesson 7A - Types of Fonts, Installing Fonts, and Font Programs

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There are thousands of free fonts available on the internet for download and use in your layouts. What fun they are to play with to create a unique layout. There are so many bits of inspiration to utilize fonts to get your creative juices flowing.

However, it is NOT recommended that you permanently install every font which you download. Each time any of the programs, such as Microsoft Word, that utilize the fonts, the program will be bogged down and take a long time to open. Do not find out this the hard way! Read this tutorial.

This tutorial covers many ways of installing fonts. It is good to review them and test them to understand how each works. I have included all of them mostly because the knowledge of how each works is beneficial.

In the end, I introduce you to font programs. In the next lesson, we will download one of the programs and learn how to use it.

This is an additional video which I recorded later on installing fonts in Windows 7 (and 8)

Be sure to visit my resource page for font to find many links to places online to obtain free fonts. My favorite place is Download a free font (or more). You will be installing the font in the next lesson and scrapping a page with it.


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I could not believe it when I opened my email and found the video. You are great !!! I have printed out most of your tutorials and I am going to print out the rest of them tomorrow and put them in order in a notebook. I promise to read every one of them. Thank you so much for your help. I feel like I have made a new good friend. 10/13/07