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When you scrap a page that is theme related, do you go buy the specialty kits that matches the theme or make your own new papers and elements or reuse and recolor your current stash?


Here are your comments!

I try to reuse and recolor my current stash, but sometimes will add pieces that I don't have. Most of the time I'll make the papers and elements that are added, but will buy what I need if it's too difficult or time constraints are too short. g_robb53

Well, I do try to reuse and recolor my stash, but if I see a specific kit for my theme, I usually buy it to make life easier. I know I should make a lot of my own stuff, but sometimes it's just quicker to buy a kit that has most everything I need. Belle33

I will use what I have in my stash first, but then I'd go buy. I can't design to save my life!! Dawn

I am definitely a buyer of kits that relate somewhat to my theme - I failed at trying to design, which is ok by me, as I thoroughly love what others design and I then buy their creations. ccynden

I usually use and recolor my current stash I will sometimes make my own papers but if I come across a kit I really love I might buy it Dawn Miner

I usually try to use what is in my stash. If I see a really nice kit on the theme, I might buy it, but I wouldn't buy just any kit on the theme. JanetMM

I try to use what is in my stash. Jules

I try to reuse and recolor my current stash, also. Learning how to re-color and give credit is a jewel. 204cg

Both! I tend to use bits and bobs that I recolour and rework most of the time but if the theme of the lo is very specific I have been known to buy a related kit. a1bjm

All of the above. I have gathered so many kits, including my own, over the years, that i have a wealth of stuff to choose from. BUT if a theme comes up and i've JUST seen something that i think fits, i MIGHT go buy it. MIGHT! lovinlifegurl

Oh, I just did this a couple days ago. I needed a school theme and a patriotic theme and I went and bought 2 new kits. I will usually buy a kit to go with my theme if I don't have one. NancyP

I use what's in my stash usually. Tammyshere

I usually use what I already have! JustaMommie

I usually use what I have and recolour. If I absolutely don't have something I'd like then I'd look into designing my own, failing that, I see if I can get something free or cheaply in the theme (sorry, I'm a freebie junkie) Maggie

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