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The Fun Extras - Set Five


When you start . . .

When you start a layout, where do you start? Photos? Journaling? Kit? Template? Would it stretch you "out of your comfort zone" to start with something else than your routine? Try it!


Here are your comments!

I start with my Photos. unless Iam using a template Dawn Miner

I usually start with photos unless I'm working on a theme based project. For my next family wall calendar, I'm creating a fantasy theme for each month, so I'm starting with a kit about the theme and then hunting for photos to go with that theme. Even when working on a template, if I have more/less photos than the template, I just change it to suit my needs. Belle33

photos for sure! Dawn

I usually start with a photo if I'm doing it for leisure. If I'm doing one for a course or challenge here, I will sometimes work from a theme. JanetMM

I start with the photo. Jules

I start with the lesson first, which right now is the template class, then search for the photos to use in that lesson, then a kit if appropriate for my layout. ccynden

I start with photos then figure out what layout I want to use. It does take me out of my comfort zone to do it the other way, but I have done that. g_robb53

I start with the papers. I pull out 4 or 5 that I love and see what floats my boat. Whatever mood or pictures it reminds me of then I go collect those. I will sometimes skip the pictures and go right for the elements I like for the background lay those down and then go for the pictures. * shaking in my boots* not sure I could start without doing papers first. * shiver* I will give it a go. If I am still looking at a blank screen a day later...come find me! HOOT! Jodiann

I usually start with the photo but if I am doing a lo centred around a quote or a specific prompt then I use that as my starting point. I have been known to be inspired by beautiful papers but I can probably count on one hand how often that has happened. a1bjm

I always start with photos first, then a template, then a kit with colors or theme to go with the photos. There have been some times (for example, the color challenges) where I will look for a kit first to go with the colors and then the photos to go with the kit----kinda backwards but has worked sometimes. NancyP
I do not have a routine or particular piece of the layout to start with. I start with the theme of the challenge, if i'm doing a challenge. So for instance, this month i'm doing the chinese checkers grabbag which requires certain elements and colors. I doing red (a real challenge for me), so first i have to find a red kit (and because i haven't yet implemented FE#96, i may have to BUY one or go looking for a freebie red kit. Then i'll look for particular elements i need, and as i have those things all rolling around in my head, sometimes a thought about a KIND of photo i'd like (a color, texture, person, event) might pop in and i'll go searching through the (literally) thousands of photos i've saved over the last few years. Sometimes it's the other way around, a photo grabs me and i try to make it fit within a challenge that's coming up somewhere - i put the photo on the page, then scroll through the challenges to see where it might fit. Sometimes it doesn't fit a challenge, but i am so taken with the photo that i have to scrap it anyway--usually if i pick a photo first i will try to find a template challenge that doesn't have other specific requirements, but if i can't, then i'll turn to Scrapbook, etc (paper or website) to find something to scraplift or a sketch. So i don't really have a comfort zone for scrapping. I think that got smacked out of me in DET Boot camp! lovinlifegurl

I general start out with a template. Stepping outside my comfort zone is doing a challenge. 204cg

I don't have a set pattern, sometimes it's photos, sometimes an idea. Tammyshere

Almost always it's the photos for me. Sometimes there will be a kit that will catch my eye that will be the driving force in the layout. Justamommie

I either start with photo or template. Nanscraps

Mostly photos, sometimes a template (if it's a template challenge) Maggie

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