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The Fun Extras - Set Five


Resisting temptation isn't just for chocolate!

How do you resist temptation to purchase or download freebies? With the way the economy is right now, many may be cutting back.


Here are your comments!

its very hard some things are so cute. but with you teaching us how to make our own things it helps alot and yes I still get the freebes hehe Dawn Miner

I made my first purchase/download on Wednesday that was the first time I did that in months. I guess for me.... it's me being so busy and not having time to visit other site that keeps me from buying lol! Dawn

I'm buying less than I use to and being more particular. I also look for sales or discounts as much as possible for things I like. JanetMM

Now that I am learning more I am trying more things myself. Not that they are the best, but I made them ! Jules

I am buying at sales only unless it's a kit I absolutely have to have!!! I'm trying to use and reuse my stash. Belle33

I have lately really scolded myself to ask do I really, really have to have a freebie or kit just because it is there or for sale? I have collected so many free kits through various scrapbooking clubs that I have more than I will ever use and I find that I have become a scrapbooking hoarder. I am having to discipline myself to say no!! ccynden

Thanks to the designer class, my purchases have gone way down. I love making my own papers and elements! g_robb53

yes, i only dl freebies from designer i trust, although if i find a blog train that i love i will dl all the parts and if i do find something i don't like i just delete if i can. Rosefire

Jumping in on this one... Howdy all I am new here! Using the Wish List feature when "window shopping" gives me the satisfaction of knowing I can come back for the goodies anytime I want, especially at sale time! Weee! I also play the out with the old in with the new game. While the new goodie is downloading I go delete a something I never used or will not use again. Its GREAT for keeping my files current and releasing me from computer clutter. I also think differently about buying/downloading something new since I know I will give up something in the process. *grin* Jodiann

OK, I'll be watching this thread in the hopes that someone will come up with a good way to make me stop buying!!!! I wish I knew the answer!! I love freebies and download a lot---I also can't resist sales and have been known to go back to a kit I purchased and think "Now why did I buy that?" I"m a kit buying fool!!!!! NancyP
When I first started digi scrapping I downloaded lots of freebies but I am much more selective now and only download what I know I will use. However, my thoughts are if the designer has offered a freebie, as long as you leave your appreciation and give credit, why not take advantage of their generosity. a1bjm

I have sooo much stuff right now! I am working out of 4/5 forums now, and challenges request using current (of course) house product, so i try to work with what i have from each of the houses. I ct in one of them, so that is not a problem! Because of the tight economy, i try NOT to buy grabbags - i need to know what i'm getting. Every once in a while i'll buy a store, ie, recently i bought Kakleidesigns template store--she had lots of cu templates, good for qps. I guess it depends on what i'm into and what i'm doing whether i'll put up any money, and i will mostly spend money on TOOLS--pattern makers, plugins, actions--rather than kits, either cu or pu. As for wishlists, ScrapGirls put their wishlist on Kaboodle and i dutifully signedup and put stuff up there. When i was ready to buy, it was gone cause the product was gone, but it was gone so completely i couldn't figure out what it was i was wishing for...oh well, happens....ooooo i can't play that game Jodianne! LOL. In with the new, stick with the old! lovinlifegurl

I look at the temptation, remember what I have already obtain, then i move on. 204cg

I remind myself over and over of how much I have that I haven't used yet. I'm getting real picky, too. And if I do buy, it has to be on sale! Tammyshere

I usually don't have a hard time resisting. But when I do find myself in a shop. I will fill my cart with all the things I really would love to have. Then I end up weeding out a lot. Then I leave the site on my screen with the cart open and walk away. I usually end up coming back and closing the page without buying anything. Weird,I know, but it's what I do.

Yes, I Admit to being a freebie addict. I follow a web site on FB that searches for freebies and I simply cannot resist, particularly templates. I am beginning to try and be reasonable and download less, but they look so pretty in the preview. I am in a couple of monthly download clubs too. Too many kits too little time. When I got my laptop I did not move but my favorite kits over and loved the simplicity of my files. But now,......... Grin. Nanscraps

When it comes to buying - the fact that I'm not working stops me. When it comes to freebies, it's that I have number of kits already and so I look at the kit & analyze it to decide if I really like it and if I would actually use it. When I first started I downloaded a huge amount of freebies, but I wasn't choosy. Now, I am. Maggie


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