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When is your digi-birthday? How old are you?

When is your digi-birthday? How long have you been digital scrapbooking?
My digi-birthday is May 31, 2005---I'm 8! (in 2013)


Here are your answers!

My digi-birthday is March 9, 2006 - I'm 5 - LOL! g_robb53

Sometime in 2008 - so I'm only 3 yrs old scrapper

February 29, 2008 Dawn

I don't remember the exact date but it was October, 2008, so I'm 3 years old also! Belle33

it was maybe in setp 2008 I first stared to look into it but it wasnt utill I joined here dec 2008 that I made my first Lo thanks to you Hummie Dawn Miner

I believe it was in Jan of 2006 when I went to visit a friend in Kansas. Another friend was also there and he walked me through doing my first digi layout and I was hooked. I knew then that I wanted to learn everything I could about digi scrapping. NancyP

When I first got PSE 2.0, gosh, 2002? 2003? It was before my oldest daughter was born in 2003. But I really had no idea what I was doing until finding this site. JustaMommie

I believe it was in 2008 I started getting interested. But really did not do to much on my own, until I joined Hummie's World ! Jules

My memory's not great these days, but it was about 2 years ago. I did very little before I joined here and that was about 2 years ago, though it seems a lot longer sometimes. By the way, when I checked my gallery to see when my earliest posting was, I noticed that some of my earliest layouts had disappeared. JanetMM

I fell in love with digital scrapbooking about the year 2007, so I am 4 years old. To be truthful, I was a four year old baby that entire time because I did not know what I was doing until I found Hummie's classes and moved from diapers to training pants and that is where I am now. ccynden

I am 2 years old. Still in diapers til I got to Hummies. Now I'm in training pants lol. Wingz

What I consider the be very first real layout I did was in June 2007. Prior to that I made cover pages/title pages for my slide shows of travel pictures (to play on the TV), as far back as 2003. I made layouts spasmodically after that till I started in earnest in 2009. so ... am I .. 4 or am I .. 2? I will leave it to you to decide. I recall having Photoshop some small version number way way back, making things with it, but not knowing why. It was not until much later that I understood what I has heading for. I just knew there was something I wanted to do with it, but didn't know what it was LOL. JodyT

Oh...I'm very young stuff about scrapbooking .I discovered Digital Scrapbooking with that Challenge (Hehe only my layout is diffrent size) Well my DigiBirthday 23 March 2011 suimode

June 23, 2011 so I am 5.75 months old Kimm23

i dont know but it was before my daughter was born so some time before June 06, so im 5/6ish i would guess, because i was digi scrapping before i know i was pg with her but i have taken a year+ brake and im just now returning Rosefire

I love reading your responses! LOL! in 2002 my Honey was going to the electronics store and asked me if I wanted anything. I said, "Print Shop, the one with the clip art." He wrote it down and brought home Paint Shop Pro 8 instead. I was blown away! SO much more than I asked for. I didn't sleep for 3 days! This is the time my husband says he got used to talking to the back of my head. I graduated to Photoshop in 2007, but it sat on my computer while I poked it with a stick...didn't pluck up my courage and get into scrapbooking until 2008. Still I consider my digi-birthday those first 3 days of amazement in August 2002. Yet, my digi-scrap birthday is November 2008. Fitting since I can never how old I am in the real world. LOL! Jodiann

July 2007, and i am now 4 years old, yes i am. 1, 2, 3, 4. See? Lovinlifegurl

I have just looked up my first ever lo and it's dated 4th April 2009 so that makes it just about 3 years a1bjm

My digi scrapping birthday dates back to Adobe Photo Shop Element 3. Approximately 5 years. I Have my first digital scrap book page framed. Boy have I grown. 204cg

Hummie or Dawn, did this Fun Extra back in Sept of 2011. NancyP

I don't remember the exact date either but it was sometime in spring of 2007 i think, so i'm almost in kindergarden - 5. Yep, i am see 1 2 3 4 5! LOL, when i saw Nancy P's i thought, yeah, i did this one two and i look back and i did in January! lovinlifegurl

December 1, 2008 I'm 3.5 tammyshere

I also, did this one in sept of last year.. But I should add that when I think about it, my first REAL LO, as I do them now was really Halloween of 2007. JustaMommie

I started looking into it and downloading freebies end of 2012 & was doing a few lessons through Basic Grey. But it was only when I got hold of Hummies courses in 2014 that I REALLY got going with scrapping. So I guess I'd say my digi birthday is April 2014 Maggie


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