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The Fun Extras - Set Five


Is there any subject matter that you have scrapped that you just cannot believe you actually did it? Do share and have fun with this question!

I can't believe I scrapped that! What photos have you scrapped that you look back on and wonder why you scrapped them? Maybe photos of you nursing? Are you still glad you scrapped them? 


Here are your comments!

I can't believe I scrapped this boo-boo my DH made - but it still makes me laugh - so I'm glad I did it. grobb_53

I can't believe that I scrapped about a farting incident I experienced at my friends house! I don't think it is in the gallery anymore, or I would share. Dawn

Since just about all my scrapping is about my grandkids or family, I'm having a hard time thinking of something that answers that question. When I looked back to the very first album I made of Phoebe (done just before taking Hummie's lessons) I can't believe how awful I scrapped it!!! They were so bad that I redid most of the pages and reprinted them. Belle33

I don't really think I have any that I regret doing. some of them are not the greatest and someday I might redo them that's the best thing about digital scrap booking you can go back and fix things Dawn Miner

I agree I don't think I regret scrapping anything ,but I have gone back and redone some, but I keep them both. Jules

I don't regret any of the photos I've scrapped, but when I look back, I think some of my layouts haven't been very good and haven't done the photos justice. JanetMM

My only regret so far, is the caricature layout of my grandsons, they were so horrified at how they looked, that I still feel bad at distorting them so much and publicly displaying it for all to see. But I have not taken it down as you can see because it was part of my learning experience. ccynden -

Sorry gang, I don't scrap outside my comfort zone, but I do snap tons of future blackmail pics of the grands. I have never scrap them, humm you may havve given me a thought. Great day everyone. 204cg

ANY layout that i scrap that i'm in is one that i regret, but i only regret that i didn't find a way to scrap the event without putting me in the photo. Hey, that's just the way i feel. lovinlifegurl

every photo we take becomes a memory of an event or a person and so we should not be afraid to scrap them. However, i have had a comment off my daughter on several occasions, - 'what on earth are you using that photo for?' - so I can only presume that she feels embarassed by the lo. I cannot remember altering any lo's so must have been happy with them as they are a1bjm

I also cannot thing of anything that I scrapped that I am sorry i did. But all my albums are packed away back in Michigan and its been a long time since I have looked at them. NancyP

Nope, I can't think of anything I wish I hadn't scrapped. In fact, there are lots of things I wish I *had* scrapped - funny's that are now forgotten. Tammyshere

I cannot think of anything. I do have an album or two that I find I want to be more private. Like just for me, hubby and kids. But I am not sorry I scrapped them. Justamommie

I've looked over the stuff I've scrapped & I'm pretty chuffed (happy) with what I've done. Some of them I think wow! that's a great page. Others I've thought, Mmmm need to look at redoing that one. Maggie


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