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The Fun Extras - Set Five


What is your main tool for digital scrapbooking inspiration?

What is the main tool for inspiration for you? Do you have magazines, websites or books. If it's a website... Please share a link.
For me, I try to be inspired by just keeping up with my own layouts. I put my photos on the page and start moving them around and if I get stuck, I go hit a gallery somewhere and look for just the smallest thing to get me unstuck. I don't consider what I do scraplifting because most often it is the silliest small thing on a layout that gets me going and then I close it out and continue on with my layout. Sometimes it might just be a general as such as two photos on a mat on the right side that will work with the photos I have before me.


Here are your comments!

My inspiration comes from life situations - so it starts with the photos. I love course 2 where you teach us various techniques to use for layouts. Makes it much easier to come up with different looks. g_robb53

I look through google reader when I'm in need of inspiration. You are likely to come by CT layouts and whatnot, and sometimes that will trigger something with me, and off I go to create! Dawn

My inspiration comes from my photos. When I'm stuck, I'll go on VisualiizeUs to see what LO's I saved there for some ideas. Most of those LO's came from our own HW gallery. I also save some of the CT team LO's of a new kit if there is something uniquely done. Belle33

I do start with my Photos. sometimes it a kit and I like to look at other Los in gallerys Dawn Miner

I start with the photo usually, but when I do my lessons I watch the video and try to match a photo. If I get stuck I look at other people work. Jules

I start with a photo and what message or memory I'm try to get across is. Sometimes I have a kit with a relevant theme or colors, which will influence my layout. JanetMM

I also start with the photos and since I am doing the template challenge, the template itself leads me to see which photos I want to showcase for that particular template. I then look at all the layouts for that challenge and get really inspired by what other members have done already. ccynden

Challenges are a great inspiration for rme. Outside of Hummies World the Amazing race was a great source of inspiration. 204cg

I have a 'to scrap' pile of photos which are waiting to be scanned and a 'to scrap' folder on my computer. When I am stuck I look through this folder and also trawl through galleries for inspiration. a1bjm

Well, I definitely start with my photos, and then once I have picked them out, I look for a template. I LOVE templates!! Now I usually end up moving stuff around and making it more mine but it gets the brain working. I also save layouts I really love for scraplifting, again usually changing things around to make it more personal. So I check galleries a lot to find some outstanding layouts. A couple of my favorite spots are Digi Shop Talk and Digi Scrap Addicts NancyP

Challenges are my main inspiration an i do some challenges here and at CSD - i always do the template one at CSD or almost always--at Gotta Pixel and Digitals and big time at my home forum Ivy Scraps. I have photos to fit any challenge, and when a challenge comes up, i go hunting for a photo. My biggest inspiration out side of challenges is Scrapbooks, etc., both the paper magazine and the website. I have a stack of the paper, subscribed to it for 2 years, bought from barnes and nobles for 2 years before that. But somewhere along the way, i got a link to their website, and have been hooked up and hooked since. lovinlifegurl

My photos are where I start. I've scraplifted some layouts and templates are wonderful. And I like challenges!! Tammyshere

My pictures, my kids, are my inspiration. But sometimes, I will find that perfect kit, or element and that really drives me! JustaMommie

The various challenges that Hummie puts up on the blog is great for inspiration. I like to look at what other people have done which inspires me but I go off and do my own thing depending on my photos. I look at what's going on in my photos, the colours, think about what we were doing, what I like about the photo, etc. Then play around and see what happens. Maggie


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