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Beggs Family Farm

I have been and enjoyed Beggs Family Farm many times over the years, but the one time I have a lot of photos from was on October 2, 2010. Beggs Family Farm is located at  2301 State Hwy U, Sikeston, Scott County, Missouri. I did the Big Brother Big Sisters and several times I took my Little there over the years, and that was the case in 2010. Long before that I took my sons to visit their corn maze which was always so awesome and cool.

They really expanded each year with lots of things for the children. We are big Survivor fans, having watched every episode live from the beginning season, and in 2010 we were excited to meet 3-time winner Sandra Diaz-Twine. Here was the promotion: "Come out to join us on opening day to meet "Survivor" players Sandra Twine (two time winner Heroes vs Villians), Todd Herzog (winner China), and Spencer Duhm (castaway Tocantins). A portion of admissions will be donated to the local Kenny Rogers Childrens Center." Sandra's daughters were also present.

Here are some of the photos that are included in the above slideshow video, but not all.

Spy the people in the maze?