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Villa Antonio Winery

Villa Antonio Winery is located at 3660 Linhorst Rd, Hillsboro, Jefferso County, Missouri. This is my Mom's favorite winery to visit, but for me it is a little too crowded as I have said about other wineries. She likes to plan family events here. We visited onĀ June 27, 2015.

These are the last photos I took of my brother before he died on May 30, 2016, in a motorcycle accident on Highway 55 in St. Louis, Missouri. This is not a good photo of him with the glasses and his expression, but I like it anyway. It is hard for me to visit this winery now and this place brings sadness to me. We were here with family to celebrate a belated Mother's Day and our Mom's birthday. It had been difficult to get the event scheduled.

My brother had brought a girlfriend to our family event and the two of them and my husband and I took a walk through the vineyard and around the lake together.

When we got to the other side of the lake, we sat down for a while and chatted and joked. As I laid on my back, this was the tree above us.

I like this photo as he seems so happy.

We walked over the bridge to the island in the middle of the lake and I took photos of them and they took photos of us. I am not putting the photos of us on this page. I normally do not put photos of people on website pages so much, but he is a big part of my memories of this day, so I am sharing some of them.

Then we walked back over the bridge and returned to join the rest of the family at the tables.

Hubby is showing us how tall the reeds are and I am fairly certain I thought it was just a good setting for a photo op.



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