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Mastodon State Historic Site


My parents used to live in a subdivision very near Mastadon State Park and I suppose every time we drove up to visit, we concentrated on seeing people and never went to this park. On May 24, 2020, we met our middle son there for a hike and picnic. This is hubby looking out over the stream at the beginning of the hike. I have never figured out what this structure's purpose was when it was built.

What is it about me and my love for yummy textures! This was down the Spring Branch Trail which is a .8 mile trail.

I took great delight in the view through the window.

The trail on one side followed a creek. It was a very nice creek and I could have easily brought my swim gear, in warmer weather, and hung out in this water for a while. It was nice and clear.

This is my kind of happy! That is, if I have it to myself. With this being near the big city of St. Louis, I can only imagine how crowded it might get.

Lovely Spring flowers.

After we finished the Spring Branch Trail we decided to cross Seckman Road and pick up part of the Limestone Hill Trail. We traveled right which leads back to the museum parking lot of the park. I suppose I did not take any photos of that section of the trail, but it followed Seckman Road and you could always hear the vehicles driving by on the portion where we walked. The other portion may have been quieter.

Next we walked down the Wildflower Trail which is a short .4 mile loop. It runs behind the museum (which was closed due to Covid-19) and I enjoyed all of the stone walls.

This trail had a lot of fun features for such a short trail. We enjoyed it, with the exception of the noise pollution from Highway 55. The "bone bed" where previous excavation for mastodons can be seen on this trail. Our son actually skipped off the trail from here and walked back up Seckman Road to get our vehicle.

Back at the parking lot near the museum is steps leading up to a house. This BBQ set up was in the yard in front of the house and I was imagining what huge party preparations must have happened here back in the day.

There were remnants of Iris along the stone wall at the edge of the yard that we appreciated.

The stone wall was long and I walked the distance just to take in the views.

I enjoyed the flowers and wandering about imagining living in this home.

A sign indicated the home belonged to Dorothy Boyer Heintz (1911-2002), but I found no further information, so I wondered what it was used for and if it belonged to the owner of the land prior to the State purchasing the land. I wondered if they gave tours or what they used it for.

We sat down and enjoyed our picnic lunch together with our son. See my wine bottles filled with chilled water? They just make every table feel special!