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Pomona Natural Bridge

This video of Pomona Natural Bridge was taken September 19, 2020.

Pomona Natural Bridge (that is, two 'o's and then an 'a' to spell it because I have spelled it wrong too many times!) is a great short hike in Southern Illinois. The natural bridge is a natural wonder. I have seen larger natural bridges, but each is unqiue and nonetheless a natural wonder at just how nature could create such a structure. This natural bridge spans 90 feet.

From Highway 146 (between Route 3 and Anna) take Highway 127 north about 12 miles. Turn left onto Pomona Road (You will see a sign) and travel 0.7 miles, turning right onto Natural Bridge Road (the lack of signs as you travel are a bit confusing at this turn as you end up at a cool old building and are not sure whether to turn right or left. Just turn right and a short distance down the road you will see that the road curves to the left, but straight ahead is the "turn to the right." Makes sense, huh? Nope. Just turn right and you'll understand it when you see it and know where to go.) Travel miles to the “Y” in the road where you will stay to the left for another .25 miles until dead ending into the parking lot.

When going down the trail, turn right where it splits to get to the natural bridge by the shortest route. You will first come to an overlook of the bridge.

Continue to the right and it will make a sharp turn to the left at which time you will be crossing over the top of the bridge, often not even realizing you are walking across the top of it! You will see in the above photo the bluff you just walked on to the left and the trail over the bridge on the right In the middle it drops off.

Here we go! Across the bridge!

After crossing the bridge do not forget to turn around for the best view of the bridge.

You can walk under the bridge and up along some bluffs before turning around and coming back under the bridge to continue on the pleasant short hike which loops around to the beginning.

Above were photos taken while video in 2020.

Below are photos I took in 2001, the first year I owned a digital camera. Oh goodnes, the cameras when we thought the photos were so large, but I did not have to reduce them very much for this website page.

We found a fun butterfly.

We are standing on the bridge looking down at the others in our hiking party.

I feel as if this is a "classic shot" often taken from underneath the bridge.

This is a good photo to show walking along the bluffs after going underneath the bridge.

In my video above in 2020 I talked about remembering a photo of my sons and others on top of the rock at the end of the bluffs. This is that photo!

The below photos were taken during a hike in 2005.

This tree is determined to grow even on the edge of a bluff!

2013 Photos The below photos were taken in 2013. Enjoy!