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Grand Gulf State Park

Grand Gulf State Park is in Oregon County, Missouri near the Arkansas border on Highway W, Thayer. We visited for our second time on October 28, 2022, on our way to Arkansas for a vacation and it was starting to rain. It is not far from Mammoth Springs just across the border in Arkansas.

We have been to Grand  Gulf State Park before , but it was before our first digital camera and I do not have those photos scanned in. The first time we visited here we went way down past the end of a trail and continued to follow a creek. My sons and my husband were throwing rocks into the creek when one of the sons inadvertently threw a rock backwards and it hit my husband in the head. Blood started gushing out everywhere and he put his hand on top of his head to stop the bleeding. Here I was with three young boys, two dogs, and an injured husband down in the middle of nowhere off the trail. I remember thinking through everything quickly and I remember telling him to "just walk." I figured that if I could get him closer to the vehicle even if I had to call emergency, that would be better than where we were. He stumbled and leaned this way and that way as he walked and I was so happy when we got out of there and back to the car. It was still a distance to the nearest town and by the time we got there his hand was stuck to the top of his head . I remembered I stopped at a nursing home to see if I could get some first aid and was told they could not help me. I stopped at a gas station and inquired and the only medical facility in town had closed. We ended up traveling quite a distance towards the nearest hospital and by then he had gotten his hand unstuck, the bleeding had stopped, and we determined he was okay enough, so we decided to go to the campsite instead. Back home the next Monday he went to the doctor and they said he should have had stitches but that it was too late. To this day he has no hair where the scar exists. What an ordeal that was. When we were traveling to Arkansas and had an opportunity to pass this State Park again, I wanted to face my fears, so to speak. I was anxious to go here again and have a good experience to put the past behind me.

The views are amazing at this State Park! Lots of "wow" views not far from the parking lot. Watch the video for more information on the park.

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