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Petite Jean State Park

Petite Jean State Park is a mountain with amazing views in Arkansas! We decided at the list minute to make a go for it and visit this park before ending our vacation on October 31, 2022, and we were glad we did so.

I am sharing a few select photos from the above video. This is from the Palisades Overlook we first came to when we entered the park. You can see the Dardnell Power Plant and Mount Nebo from this view.

Next we visited Cedar Falls Overlook Trail.

The Cedar Falls Waterfall was not flowing much at all. I had to work to find where the water was flowing.

I did enjoy the walkway and steps on this trail.

We visited the boathouse and Lake Bailey.

This is on the Rock House Cave trail that is only .25 mile long.

These are called Tutle Rocks!

They really do look like turtle shells!

A better view of the Turtle Rocks.

This is the M.A. Richter Memorial Overlook along the Red Bluff Drive.


This is the CCC Overlook along the Red Bluff Drive.

From this overlook you can see the first overlook we visited, the Palisades Overlook. That is so cool!


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