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Bull Shoals - White River State Park, Arkansas

That time when rain messes with preplanned vacations! We also arrived after dark, so I want to go back some day. I wanted to see the places Grandpa saw in the video he took below in 1993.

This was our very quick drive by on October 28, 2022.


My plan is to timestamp on Youtube the above video of Grandpa's from 1993.


My Grandpa took these vacation videos on VHS and I digitized them. Here's my notes:


1. October 17, 1993 --Lake --on the road

2. October 20, 1993 --ferry on Bull Shoals lake; Peel, Arkansas

--on the road back to Missouri

--Calico Rock, Arkansas -near Mountain Home, Arkansas


3. –on the road in Missouri

4. Bull Shoals lake

5. Cookies, a Place to Eat (Edited out of above video)

6. Tour of house at Bull Shoals (edited out of above video)

7. February 4, 1993 (the dashboard as they drive) TAPE 3

8. –on the road; Arkansas border

9. October 22, 1993 Gastons Lodge in Arkansas

10. White River in Arkansas

11. Bull Shoals dam

12. Haskins Ford Conservation Area (upper part of lake where it begins)

13. On the road to Branson

14. October 23, 1993 Crossing Table Rock dam

I have other travel videos. Grandpa sure did record a lot of road videos over the years! My Grandma had died and so Grandpa is with his second wife in these videos. I do not know who their friends were which they travel. I think Grandpa and Mary visited this area often because Mary's family or friends had a place for them to stay there.

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