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Christmas Country Church Tour 2019

(Perry, Cape, and Bollinger Counties)

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We enjoyed the Country Christmas Church tour on December 13 and 14, 2019.

The below are the churches listed in order as seen in the above video, in the order we traveled.


1. I was excited to make our first stop at St. Rose of Lima Mission, Roman Catholic Church in Silver Lake, Missouri because my ancestor, Joseph Geile, had given the land for this Church. I had been many times to the outside of the church and the cemetery, but this was my first opportunity to go inside the church.

The moon was spectacular as we looked back towards the cemetery.

The sanctuary is absolutely amazing.



2. Next on our tour was St. Mary of the Barrens, Perryville, Missouri, which is where my ancestor John F. Geile and family attended.

I think everyone, regardless of religious beliefs, should visit this church at least once. It is certainly a glory to our God to behold.

This is the lighted nativity scene that I see each year and it is so large.

From the outside of the church, the bells in the tower are always lit in red and green.

There is no way to capture all the little nooks in this church in one image, so I suggest watching the video.


3. St Maurus Catholic Church, Biehle, Missouri was up next. I said in error in the video "Marcus."


This is so beautiful of a scene.

4. Hill of Peace Lutheran Church, Friedenberg, Missouri

This is one of my favorite of the churches to visit as well, although it is a bit out in the country distance.

Photos of the painting over the alter never do it justice. I am always pulled in to just staring at the artist's details in that painting. Plus we have had an opportunity to ring the bell which is quite a joy to do and to imagine it ringing throught the countryside in days of old.

5. Pleasant Grove Baptist Church near Crosstown, Missouri

Pleasant Grove is another church well worthy of the drive into the country. This one is at the top of my favorites. There is no heating and so there are space heaters when you enter the building. If you love nostalgic places of how things were back in the day, then this is your go-to place on this tour.

From the old piano to all the small details, the folks who put together the decorations in this church take great care to make it authentic. It is a photographer's happy place.

Be sure to plan some time at this church observing all the details. Even the tree along has so many little bits ready to find.

6. Zion Lutheran Church in Crosstown, Missouri

Look at those ceiling beams!

7. Old McKendree Church, Jackson, Missouri

This church in Cape Girardeau County is a log cabin style chapel built in 1819 and is known as the oldest Protestant church standing west of the Mississippi River. The church was organized in July 1809. It is a must see! I have seen the quilt (as seen in this photo) in other Methodist churches in previous years on the tour. Each piece has an image of a different church in the area. It's really something to see as well.

I just loved the blue window frames against the white paint of the textured wood with the candle in the window.

8. First Baptist Church, Oak Ridge, Missouri

What I remember most about this church was that Dr. Cowan (yes, the joyous moments Dr. Cowan; we all love him) greeted us and took us off for great company and a great spread of food before I could snap any photos. I took this screen shot off of the video.

9. New Salem United Methodist Church, Daisy, Missouri

We walked through the nice building addition to get to this wonderful old sanctuary.

10. Caney Fork Baptist Church, Oak Ridge, Missouri

This church was rather remote but worth the trip because, as seen in the video, they have a fun outdoor area and, well, Grandma's House is on the way.

11. Trinity Lutheran Church in Friedheim, Missouri

Beautiful classic old church as we quickly learn are many along this country church tour. This church has had a new mural added in 2022. See this location in the Christmas Country Church tour 2022 video.

12. Zion United Methodist Church near Old Appleton, Missouri

As in many of the churches along the tour, be sure to look up! the ceilings are amazing as well as the long hanging lights.

13. St. Joseph Catholic Church in Apple Creek, Missouri

Wow! The details and spectacular opulence!

The reflection of the manger on the floor! It is also tucked under the alter.

Look at the height of those ceilings and lengths of the lights and windows!

14. Grace Lutheran Church in Uniontown, Missouri

This church, if allowed, requires a trip to the balcony for a whole new perspective. Can you imagine the pews full on all levels on Christmas morning with all the folks dressed in their finest?

God bless you this Christmas season and every day of the year, because Christmas is not just a day in December. Thanks for taking this tour with me.

Trinity Lutheran Church Egypt Mills

On Christmas Eve, although we were not able to visit Trinity Egypt Mills on the church tour, we did drive by the church from the hill below.

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