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Old Blomeyer Drive-in Theater | Now Rock 'N' Roll Drive-In Theater

Last March 2020, we went on a long drive in search of abandoned places to take photos for a photo challenge. We had a great time and found so many cool things to photograph. The problem is that we had to sort of, well, yeah, we did trespass on private property, so I was not keen on sharing what we did online. One of them was the Old Blomeyer Drive-in Theater which we found through Ken Steinhoff's blog post. If he can share, maybe I can share? Especially since it reopened as the Rock 'N' Roll Drive-in Wednesday, October 21, 2020, it is too good not to share. Read Ken's post to see what it looked like in 2010. The entrance in 2020 was closed off, but we parked behind it and walked through the farmer's field to access it for the above video. It was rather marshy around the dilapidated screen.

This is a panorama of eight photos. Since there was no way to back up to get a photo, I had to capture multiple photos close up and put them together.

This is a panorama of three photos, bottom, middle and top, to get the entire height from a front angle.

I found some delight in the plow lines of the farmer's field and wished I could have captured them better. Here you can see the screen in the wooded area of this photo.

I was so intrigued at how when I looked one way in the field the soil was light and looked low in necessary growing proponents and when I looked the other way, standing in the same place, the field looked like good rich growing soil. Crazy, huh?

We did drive around to the front and it was fenced and so I was only able to take this photo, but since not long after this it was redone and reopened, I am glad I got this before photo.


This is the photo that I submitted for the abandoned challenge. I really like it.


We drove a great distance that way and I have no idea where we took photos because we were down so many random dirt road. We did drive south down Highway 25 for quite a distance. We also went north on Highway 25 for some photos in the damaged flooded Dutchtown area. We also came back to Cape Girardeau and found some old properties in the south part of town.







There is just something about abandoned property that tells a story and makes the mind wonder who used to live there and what stories the walls could tell.






From here below, the photos were taken in and around Cape Girardeau, Missouri.








I really do love yummy textures! Nothing like abandoned and non-maintained items that have patina and decay and peeling to draw the eye.


Oh, why do I like rust so much? Did you spy the stick stuck inbetween the wooden boards?



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