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Crowley's Ridge Conservation Area

Crowley's Ridge Conservation Area is located in Stoddard County, Missouri, not far from the Stars and Stripes Museum. It can be reached by traveling from Puxico near Mingo National Wildlife Refuge, but it is actualy closer to Highway 25 at Bloomfield. There is a sign on the north side of Bloomfield which is helpful to turn down 278. Travel a short distance and when you come to a choice, do not go left which takes you to downtown, but rather travel out on 278AC for 6.7 miles. Turn right onto 237 which takes you into the conservation area. There is also the option to turn onto 226 from 267AC (which you will come to first) to 278 which cuts through the conservation area between 237 and 226.

There is a nice, but small and primitive, camping area. There are many designated parking areas on the map, as well as several areas it seemed you could pull off and walk into the lands.

There are several lakes to walk around and it seemed to us the Conservation Department did a good job in keeping wide paths mowed for long strolls and a bit of exercise. Since we do not hunt, this is what I would enjoy doing the most. This is the lake at the parking area on 237.

I enjoyed the reflection of the clouds on the water of this lake.

This area is known for birding, so bring the binoculars or long distance lens for photography.

I feel as if many people do not realize how wonderful Missouri Conservation Areas are for simply hiking. Some of designated trails, but most others have trails that are kept by a mower.

I absolutely took delight in the golden late November field against the beautiful blue sky as the tall grasses blew in the wind.

This is the other large lake at a parking area on 278. We did not have time to take a walk around it and there were hunters all around, but hope to come back for a relaxing stroll.

I find it interesting that there is no mention in the brochure or in the park about Crowley's Ridge which runs from Missouri to Arkansas.


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