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Highway 7 Scenic Byway, Arkansas

We drove the Highway 7 Scenic Byway in Arkansas from near Highway 40 out of Dover going North through Harrison. What a sweet surprise was in store for us with all of the grand views! We were returning home to Cape Girardeau, Missouri on October 31, 2022.

We had stayed our first night of our Arkansas trip at Little Switzerland Cabins which is also along this stretch of Highway. When we arrived it was late and raining and the water coming off the bluffs behind us was a bit intimidating, but the owner was there for us guided us. The water was flooding across the highway and we learned that during the rain this stretch of the highway was known to have a lot of accidents. We did enjoy our quick stay at Little Switzerland.

Highway 7 was a delightful surprise as there were so many places we could have pulled off to view. We were on our long way home, so we limited out stops. Watch the video above for a better prespective, but here are a few photos.




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