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Christmas Country Church tour 2020

(Perry, Cape, and Bollinger Counties)


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We were only able to attend the Christmas Country Church tour on Thursday, December 17, 2020, this year. We were thankful for the churches that decided to remain open, with mask requirements, but also understood the decision of the churches that closed during this Covid-19 pandemic. I wanted to support and encourage those that decided to stay open. The crowds were certainly non-existent, but we would often see folks coming out or going in as we came or left, so there was a nice steady stream of guests.

Here are the churches we visited.

1. Kaskaskia Immaculate Conception Church, 203 1st Street. Kaskaskia, Illinois.


2. Immaculate Conception Church St. Mary, 481 Pine Street, St Mary, Missouri


3. Christ of Savior Catholic Church Brewer, 59 Shady Lane, Perryville, Missouri


4. St. Mary of the Barrens Perryville, 1805 W St Joseph St, Perryville, Missouri


5. Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church Sereno, 172 Perry County Road 920, Perryville, Missouri


6. St. Joseph Catholic Church Highland, 2640 Highway K, Perryville, Missouri


7. Hill of Peace Friedenberg Lutheran Church, 510 Perry County Road 304, Friedenberg, Missouri


8. Zion Lutheran Church Longtown, 6483 South Highway 61, Longtown, Missouri

The outside is seen in the photo, but when we arrived they had already closed up.



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