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Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery

Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery Memorial Day weekend May 2020

Jefferson Barracks is special to me because all four of my Grandparents, my Grandpa's second wife, my Uncle, and a Great Uncle and Aunt are buried there.

May 27, 1991 Jefferson Barracks Memorial Day

My Grandpa took this video and I digitized it.

These photos are from our visit on Memorial Day in 2020. It was such a delight watching the deer. This deer was eating the flowers left to honor someone and then I watched a person get out of their car, run across the field, and chase the deer away from the flowers.

I took photos from my car of the deer and enjoyed the quiet time watching them.

Below are photos resulting from this quiet time watching the deer.







This is one of my favorite with the baby peaking out at me from under mom.


This is a view overlooking the Mississippi River from near my Uncle's grave. Due to Covid-19 it was disappointing that there was no organized effort to put flags at each grave. Every once in a while I would see groups of people taking on their own efforts and putting flags in just one section. I assumed their loved one was in that section and how wonderful it was that they covered the whole section.

My Dad and brother are buried at nearby Park Lawn Cemetery and I always visit the two cemeteries together. I snapped a photo of my brother's stone because his son had placed a Harley-Davidson sticker on the stone and it made me smile. His son had wanted a motorcyle engraved on the stone and my Mom did not do so. My brother died in a motorcycle accident.

The below photos were taken on Memorial Day, May 29, 2017. Every year growing up my Grandpa Rutledge would make sure he gave me a Buddy Poppy. Now I buy them and keep them around, even in my car, in remembrance of him. I like to tuck them into my house plants.

This is my Uncle Bob (Robert Geile). Located at Section 1QQ  Site 976. We brought red roses in 2017 for each of the gravesites of our loved ones.

My Uncle is buried near the Columbarium walls where the flags are placed close together.

My Uncle's location is also very close to the Mississippi River and we always walk over to look and I captured a barge going down river.

This is my Grandpa and Grandma Rutledge (Wilson & Jessie Mae Rutledge). He is buried in Section X Site 241. I loved how the grass was a nice hieght for a lovely photo.

Another view, playing with my camera.

This one show the inscription.

This is my Grandpa Rutledge's second wife. She is at Section X Site 289. She is a row above and a little to the right of his stone.

I like this one.

I always remember where Grandpa and Grandma's stone is located by the line of trees.

Yes, right in there by the trees is where they are buried.

This is my Grandpa and Grandpa Geile (Robert & Marie Geile). They are in Section TTSite 776.

They have the same stone but their names are engraved on opposite sides.

I loved how the two roses could be seen together. It makes me remember how much my grandparents loved each other.

Another view.

This is my Great Aunt and Great Uncle, my Grandpa's brother (Harold & Dorothy Geile). They are buried in Section IC Site 2327.

Their stone is also shared.

So here is another photo of the two roses on their marker.

Half staff flag for Memorial Day.

I liked the flag against the strong solid tree, with roots, as I could see representation there of our strong country with solid roots.

I took one of the roses that I was putting on the gravestones and held it up to get the flag and the rose together.

The wind was blowing the flag a little more on this one.

This is one of my favorite photos that I have taken of a flag. I love the way it curls in the wind.

As always, we visit both cemeteries. My nephew had joined us in 2017. I took a photo of his tatoo honoring his Dad, my brother, for my own memory.

My nephew also has tatoos on both arms representing his motorcross race bike number and my brother's number. He is wearing my brother's leather vest as well.

This is my brother's stone with the red rose.

This is my Dad's stone with the red roses.


The below photos were taken in October 2009.

I often try to visit the cemeteries in October. I love the Autumn colors on the leaves of the trees at Park Lawn Cemetery from the gravesites.

This year I had bought different flowers than roses. My Dad's stone.

My Grandpa's stone.

My Grandma's stone.

My Grandma and Grandpa's stone.

The stone of Grandpa's second wife.

This year the deer were coming right up to us.

They kept coming too! I loved the winding road through the middle of the scene as well.

Hello! Thanks for making my day.



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