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Kinkaid Lake Spillway

Lake Kinkaid Spillway is not too far from our home in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, for a day drive to do one of our favorite things, that is to wallow in water. It is about a 50 minute drive. Just cross the river and turn left to head up Route 3. Along Route 3, as shown in the video above, be sure to stop along the left side the roadway at the Route 3 Spring. It is a gorgeous spot. There is also a Fish Farm that you can spot from along Route 3 on the right side. From Route 3, turn right onto IL-149 E for 1.5 miles until turning left onto Spillway Road. Drive another 1.3 miles until turning right onto N. Spillway Road.

The spillway is overflow of the man made Kinkaid Lake. Many people spend their days on this lake, but I do not own a boat and am not so much a "lake person." I love the spillway however! I MUST NOTE that this is a dangerous place and people have been hurt. Do not be stupid. Do not be brave. Keep focused and mindful of your steps and your safety at all times. The rocks are very slippery if you choose to walk up the left side of the spillway to the top as we did in the above video. Lots of people do it, but it is not for the foolish.

People enjoy hanging out at the pond at the bottom of the spillway, but it always feels dirty to me and I have no desire to get in that water.

In this photo you can spot people along all levels of the spillway. You can only see a partial view of the spillway from the bottom. There are many more layers than shown in this photo. Watch the video above to get the full concept of the depth of this spillway.

Do you see the person just sitting on the rock ledge next to the waterfall? It is so fun to tuck yourself in right next to the waterfalls at all the various levels. The water itself is too forceful and I would not recommend getting out in the waterfall. It will carry you right down and cause injury. It can be intimidating and thrilling at the same time, but think safe when getting close.

This photo is near the top and you can see the dam at the top.

Oh, to walk across the flat stone with the water flowing across it was so adventurous! I do not recommend it for everyone or at all times. The water is lower and higher at times. Be safe and smart. This is a view from the middle at the top of the dam looking down flow. Note you cannot see the bottom at all because it is quiet a distance down.

I took more photos on the way down and more video on the way up. This is a scene from where I sit next to one of the many waterfalls. It is so relaxing, provided you find a day with fewer people around, although chatting with people is fun too.

Oh, the rushing waters!

Lake Kinkaid is the perfect place to play with long exposure and fast exposure. Here is a long exposure for those soft waters.

This is a scene looking up towards the top of the spillway.

I was able to take some more photos of the waterfalls on my way down when there were fewer people because the day was getting long. It is hard to take photos when there are so many people in the photos. This is such a beautiful spot!

This is taken from the bottom as we were beginning to pack up to leave.

I got a little closer with this shot and you can see the people in the photo which really brings perspective to how large this waterfall.

Here is another photo I took just before leaving. I like the lighting in this one as the sun is getting lower in the sky.

I always enjoy Route 3 on the way back to Cape Girardeau at sunset. I try to linger as long as possible, stopping here and there along the way as the sunset is just gorgeous looking to the west.

I think most people are in a hurry to get back home to Cape Girardeau when traveling to southern Illinois for a day trip and they miss the beauty in the sky. Here is another example just some bit of time after the above photo. It is so relaxing to watch the skies change and relax from the car rather than rushing home.

This is a photo taken June 6, 2001.

Route 3 Spring

This is a photo of the Route 3 Spring and below is a photo of the scene across Route 3 from the Spring taken June 6, 2001. My three sons look so young!


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