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Pioneer Peach Orchard

After we visited the zinnia fields in Perryville, I learned that right here in Cape Girardeau Pioneer Peach Orchard also had huge fields, so we set out to find them and enjoyed our time out. I have long known about Pioneer Peach Orchard ever since I first came to Cape Girardeau to go to college. I had met Bill Beggs when I was in college. That was so long ago! Bill and Diana Beggs own the orchard. Bill Beggs' great-grandfather, Theodore Ochs, began Pioneer Orchard in 1923 (William Henry Beggs married Laura H. Ochs). Bill and Diana took over the family business in 1996. Bill is the nephew of Sam Beggs who owned the Jackson location.

There was also Pioneer Orchard in Jackson years ago with the apple tree fields. We always enjoyed the Autumn there and we miss it now that it has been covered up with a subdivision. Sam Beggs was the owner of the store and the orchard who inherited it from his father, William Henry Beggs. I understand that Stan (1936-2018) and LaDonna Beggs who lived nearby and I have at one time in my life been to their home for a Bible study.

We visited on July 29, 2020, and there were two fields. One was located closer to the entrance and this one closer to the shop.

I really found a lot of delight in the butterflies!



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