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Reeds Spring Mill

Mid-July in 2020, we had a most fabulous vacation centered around Sutton Bluff Recreational Area where we camped. Nearby at Centerville we visited the Black river underneath the highway underpasses. We have have spent the entire day wallowing in the river there. Then we visited Reeds Spring Mill in Centerville. We visited the Lower Taum Sauk Lake as we drove around exploring. In far-out-and-away-ville we visited Cooks Spring. Finally we visited a remote camping area not far away with a view. We also visited Lesterville Conservation Area and found it to be nothing exciting for us.


Reeds Spring Mill is marked incorrectly on Google Maps. When looking at Centerville, Reynolds County, Missouri, the icon for the location is to the right of the city. The head of the spring may be there, but the mill is not.

Instead, from the middle of town on Highway 21, as you make the curve to the left near the courthouse, turn left onto Goodman Road aka Highway 802. I'm not sure how far down the road, but it is not too far and you cannot miss it. The creek bed will be to your left and the mill to the right. There is a small amount of parking space available.

Be sure to visit both sides of the road. We found a beautiful place with spring water pouring out near the creek. I believe it may also be the West Fork of the Black River.

Reeds Spring Mill is on private property. However, it is right along side the road and easily accessible and convenient to see even from the vehicle. We did get out and walk around although a bit intimidated to do so because of the fear of trespassing, so we did not linger too long.

The mill wheel was not turning while we were there. I have read however that at times it does still turn. I suppose maybe when there is enough water flow.

Behind the mill are two tiers with two ponds. There are waterfalls that bring the water from each tier down to the next. This is the top pond and you can see a bench on the other side. I did not dare go there not wanting to trespass, but I sure wanted to! There was a small boat at the top pond as well which I would have loved to have gotten into.

The place is just gorgeous and serene. There are several waterfalls through the tiers of the ponds.

To the left of the mill is the remainder of the foundation of a building. I wonder if it were a home or a store.

I found the pillars and the stares to be artistic in its abandoned grungy state.

This is the waterfall coming from the top pond down to the second pond.

This is a photographer's place to play with camera settings to capture flowing water either in hard defined lines or with a slow shutter speed for soft flowing water.

This is a little piece of heaven out in the middle of no where.

There is a foot bridge across the flowing water. We did dare to cross it! This is what adventuring is all about.

There is water flowing underneath the mill and the sound is so peaceful and soft against the grungy rough textures of the brick and wood.

I was captivated by the light against the hard grungy texture of the stones and the green soft moss in the cracks of the stone.

This photo is taken standing in the road in front of the mill and looking to the left. You see there is a mill stone leaning on the tree.

This is a photo from the road looking straight at the mill.





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