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Arena Park, Cape Girardeau

Arena Cross, July 4, 2010 Cape Girardeau

We enjoyed our time watching the Arena Cross at Arena Park in 2010.

Arena Park Flooding 2008

This video documents a bit of history of the flooding at Arena Park. I believe this is 2008, but the metadata said 2004 which I think might have been inaccurate. This is recorded with an early technology of a video on a regular camera and it often made squeeking noises, but you still get the idea of how bad the flooding.

Cape Girardeau 4th of July Fireworks & Bicentennial Mural 2021

I have taken a lot of fireworks photos at Arena Park over the years, but to me they seem to all be the same, so I have not posted any on the website, but here is a video for you.


January 19, 2019

Here are a few snow photos I took on January 19, 2019 at Arena park. I rather like them!

2008 flooding



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