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Magic Tree House

We visited the Magic Treehouse on August 11, 2019, and had a grand 'ol time at this unique location. We rented the place via AirBNB and it is near Grubville, Jefferson County, Missouri. This eclectic 2-story treehouse has so many hidden treasures to find inside and out and all about.

For us, the water in the tub never really got warm enough, but it sure was fun trying and taking turns sitting in the tub.

Although I share a lot more photos in the above video and slideshow, here are some of the same photos for you to enjoy. We really loved the indoor hammocks!

And the beanbag for an adult was a sweet treat!

This is what I wrote in the guest book and I think it describes how I felt quiet well.

We paid extra to have breakfast delivered.

What hubby wrote in the guest book.

The ourdoor shower was kind of sweet! I believe she has an indoor shower now, but this was her solution before a permanent one was built and I thought it was ingenious and want to build one at my backyard!

We did walk all around the property. This is the lake and you can use the paddle boat. We decided the water was a bit too icky for us.

Nearby there was a swing that overlooked the lake.

I still want to get a chandelier for my tree in my yard! The sheer drapery was fun too.

They followed me everywhere!

This is the A-frame building. I share some of the other buildings in the above video.

I believe she said this used to be a camp and these were the cabin-like rooms for the camp. She was busy beginning to fix everything up when we first visited.





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