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Greer Spring Mill and Greer Spring

Greer Spring Mill and the Greer Spring trailhead are both on Highway 19 traveling south of Winona from Highway 60. The address is Alton, which is at Highway 160 and Highway 19, but if you go that far, you have missed it and need to turn around and go back. The parking lot to the trail to the spring is about 100 yards (1/4 mile) south of the mill. Both places are easy to miss, so keep your eye out and once you find one of them, you can find the other. We did not do it, but from the mill you can follow the old road on foot for about a 1/2 mile to the cabins. The cabins are locked up, but you can look around.

We visited on July 20, 2019, and really loved this hike and place.

Greer Spring Mill

The mill is closed to the public.

There was a hole for us to peek through.

This is what my camera saw through the hole!

This is a cabin that is across the highway from the mill.

Greer Spring Trail

After hiking down a ways on the trail, you will come to this overlook. When you are here, you are really close to the Greer Spring branch waterflow that eventually flows into the Eleven Point River.

Down the stairs and you are at the main intersection of the area. To the left is the cave and the trail (well, sort of a trail) to the first main Greer Spring. To the right is the trail to the second Greer Spring down stream.

Sometimes I just like to take lovely photos.

Greer Spring Cave

To the left you will find Greer Spring cave.

Down the steps is to the second spring. Not knowing where the first spring was located (beyond the cave in this photo), we came down the steps and stopped to enjoy the water. Then we went back up the steps and trekked through past the cave.

Greer Springs #1

This is the way down past the cave. As you can see, it is not much of a trail. You just have to make your way. There was an area where we had to hand the dogs over some water that we were able to step over, but they were not.

We made it to the Spring and it is beautiful!

He had to take a step into the water to say he was in the spring.

The spring water actually comes up from under the cave system.

Greer Spring #2

We head back to the stairs as this is the main spot where you can get your bearings. We continue on past the stairs and down the trail to find the second spring.

We did not know it was there and were just exploring. We were glad we went exploring and found it.

Looking back as we walk down the trail.

This part along the bluffs was not hard, but there were some treacherous spots that were on a very narrow trail on a bluff. Be careful!

The second spring comes out of the ground right in the middle of the flow of the water. It is truly amazing.

Simple God-made!

Back to the steps as we leave to hike back up hill to the parking area.



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