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Trail of Tears Lake Boutin, Polar Bear Plunge, February 5, 2011

The Polar Bear Plunge is an annual event as a fund raiser for Special Olympics. In going through old photos to put them on the website, I found I had taken video of everyone! Maybe someone will be able to find themself in this video. A slideshow of photos is at the end.

I love the theme Freezin' for a Reason.

Each participant collects money for Special Olympics to be allowed to jump into freezing cold water.

Here are the people beginning to gather at Lake Boutin at Trail of Tears State Park in Cape Girardeau County.

I always have to stop for some lovely photos too! This shows just how cold and icy it was this day in 2011.

There is hubby! He took the plunge in honor of our great-niece, Cori.

Some participants ready to go. Watch the video for all the crazy costumes and fun moments running into the water. I have only selected a few photos for this page.

Here is hubby coming out of the water.

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