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Uptown Jackson, Missouri

We quite enjoyed the Uptown Jackson Parade of Lights on December 13, 2021. I do not believe we had ever attended this event before. They sure did have a lot of floats and a large line-up. It was like I remember the parades in Cape Girardeau being when there were a lot of youth and organizations participating in the parade. I loved how many nativity scenes and other church participations that were present. We missed that in this year's Cape Girardeau parade. The Cape parade seemed to be more businesses and not as many groups. After the parade we visited the Cape Girardeau County Annex Center, as seen in the end of the above video.

After the parade on December 13, 2021, we visited the Cape Girardeau County History Center. Wow! The Cape Girardeau County History Center sure has a fabulous themed Christmas tree tour. What time this must have taken to put together! My video only provides an overview. It is much better visited in person to observe all the details.





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