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Hogdson Water Mill and Spring

Hodgson Water Mill and Spring (August 15, 2022)

Hodgson Mill is right on the side of Highway 181 in Ozark County in Dora, Missouri. It is easy to find.

Hodgson Water Mill and Bryant Creek (May 13, 1989)

My Grandpa and his second wife Mary took this video in 1989 and it is fun to compare the two! The other female voice I do not know who must have borrowed Grandpa's camera!He says it is a working mill when they give demonstrations. At the end of the video they go around to the access which is something we did not do. I thought about it, but decided we needed to get to our next location because we needed to find a place to put up our tent for the night.

It is one of the most photographed mills in Missouri and we greatly enjoyed our time here. It was a real treat to stroll the grounds.




After strolling down the trail and crossing the bridge, we climbed down to stick our feet in the water and this is the scene from there. It was such a beautiful place! It was hard for me to get down and back up as it was very steep and slippery. I had to sit down to move on some of it.

From here below are some photos I snapped on my cell phone as I took videos. This is the view as you begin to walk up to the mill.

We were amazed by the cave entrance and how close the building was to the rock wall.

Walking around the bottom of the mill you can see the wheel and all the workings of the mill. The sign here says "entrance."

I am not sure if this mill is a working one.

The water is flowing from the spring that is coming out from under the rocks or cave somewhere.

There are lots of cool gears and wheels to observe.

This is the path down the trail behind the mill. It is a very nice stroll. There are more buildings behind the mill and the trail follows the flow of the water.

We crossed the bridge. It comes out to a field and then across the field to the right is the highway.

I thought all the lichen or whatever it is on the old bridge was cool.

This is an image of downstream. The trail continues and follows to the left of this scene.

This is the end of the trail where you can see the spring water entering Bryant Creek. Just down the road is the Sycamore Access which we did not go to but which I can see in my Grandpa's video.











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