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Spring Creek's Blue Spring

This is a view of Spring Creek where you can get in and wallow for a while. A little further down the path is the spring. August 14, 2022

To get to this hiking trail, we drove from Twin Bridges Resort where we camped on Highway 14 to County Road 292 Or 13.5 miles down Highway 14 off of Highway 63 out of West Plains). When first turning onto County Road 292, it seems wrong because you drive right through the middle of a farm, but it is okay as it is a county road! It is not far from the interestion of Highways 181 and 14. It is barely in Douglas County in the southeast corner.

This is a few up the creek from one of the side paths down to the creek. However, to reach the Spring, keep going all the way down to the end of the trail.

The Spring comes out of a pile of sandstone rocks at the bottom of a hill. It is really a beautiful place!

I could not resist a little skinny dipping just to sit in the very cold water for a short bit of time. Hubby stood guard should anyone come down the trail. Oh hey, everyone should adventure a little in life! I was sitting in a happy place!





This photo shows the spring area well.

This is looking downstream. There is a bit of current around the mossy rocks that sounds just beautiful.

The girls really wanted to join momma, but the water was so coled they stopped to share a small rock.

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