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Noblett Lake

Noblett Lake is just over the border into Douglas County (from Howell County) off of AP. We traveled north from the Blue Hole which is also on Highway AP. To get to Noblett Lake from West Plains, Missouri, drive north on Highway 63 to Pomona and turn left onto Highway P. Drive 7 miles and turn tight onto Highway AP. Drive 8.5 miles to the entrance of Noblett Lake. August 14, 2022

The lake was built in the 1930's by the CCC. You see signs of the CCC all over state parks, conservation areas, and natural areas in Missouri. The Civilian Conservations Corp was created during the Great Depression to give jobs to those who had none.

This park is quiet beautiful. Although some people were swiming nearby, it is not something I would want to swim in as I am not much of a lake person and, in addition, in person and online I saw reports of snakes. I am not a snake person. However, it was well worth the drive to visit.

To the left you can see the upper part of the dam.

Although man made, this dam is a beautiful thing.

Swimmers of all ages!

This is as I began to walk down the rock steps.


These are the rock stairs to walk down. They are steep, but not too hard. Slow and go on the rocks until you get to the bottom.



This is the other side of the park looking back at where the dam is in the distance. It is a really nice picnic area and a nice place to walk along the lake's edge.

These are the stones from that lead to the picnic table.


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