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Rockbridge Mill

Rockbridge Mill August 15, 2022

Rainbow Trout Ranch, Rockbridge Missouri, May 13, 1989

My Grandpa and his second wife Mary took this second video in 1989, so it is fun to see the area before and now. Actually, I think their friend took the video using Grandpa's camcorder because of the voice and that I can see both of them in the video. She filmed too close. I can tell it was Grandpa filming at the end by his panning style.

Rockbridge Mill is located in the city of Rockbridge at the north edge of Ozark County Missouri, where Rainbow Trout and Game Ranch is located.

The main feature of Rockbridge Mill, as in most old mills, is the dam with the waterfall overflowing. I love the green moss on the stones.

When you walk up, you see the back of the mill through the trees.

The barn like doors lead to a bar area, which was not open when we were there, with tables and an overlook to the waterfall at the dam. It is truly a beautiful place to sit.

To the right of the barn like doors, and between those doors and the walkway covering, is a special secret-like area. It is in this space the late night sun shown down underneath the mill creating a magical scene from underneath.

This is that magical scene as seen standing under the mill. It is an open area where the evening sun streamed in and made an amazing orange glow on the rocks. Under those rocks are where the spring water emerges from underground. The waters are beautifully clear. You can see more of the under area of the mill my the video.

There are always fisherman at the waterfall.

This is more of a full view so you can see the length of the dam.

This is looking down stream. It would be a great area for children to sit and play or folks to wallow.

I walked to the other side of the mill where the sign is located to look at the upper part of the water.

Here is the sign so you can read it.

This is a view of the side.

This is a view of the upper part of the river above the dam.

This is a view of the waterfall from underneath the mill. This is a faster shutterspeed.

This is a slower shutterspeed.


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