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Topaz Mill

To get to Topaz Mill from Highway 60 as you are traveling west across the State, take the 2nd exist towards Highway 76 at Willow Springs (the City of). Drive 11.5 miles on Highway 76 and turn left on Highway E. Drive 4 miles and the continue onto E-276 for 1 mile. You will run right into the mill and cannot miss it. It is not too difficult of a drive and really not all that far from the main thoroughfare through the State of Highway 60. August 14, 2022

The population of Topaz is 4!

You can get a feel for the old communition in that there is a general store next to the mill.

The mill is on private property, but the owner lives across the stree and was gracious enough to come out and give us a tour. There was a donation box, so come better prepared to give a donation than we did.




The town was established in 1840 and the mill was built in 1895.

The mill is fed by the Spring in the middle of the lake just down the road.


In the mill there is a room where the town barbar worked.

This photo does not do the inside of the store justice. It almost takes your breath away when you walk in because it seems so big being two stories. It is similar to the general store in Calidonia which you can visit and shop in today, but it does not have the stairs at the back. The owner keeps collectibles and antiques in the store that were his ancestors.


Down the road on the other side of the mill is where the spring water flows from underneath the road into this stone area. Right now the water flows on down into the creek, but if the dam area was opened up, it would flow on down to the mill.

Here you can see how it could flow on down to the mill in the concrete wall.s

Primary colors are red, blue, and green and you cannot go wrong with them in this scene!

We enjoyed our trip to Topaz Mill.

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