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Dawt Mill

Dawt Mill is located in Ozark County, Missouri, near Tecumseh on the North Fork River. August 15, 2022

This is what you see when you first arrive down in the valley with the river behind. We were rather disappointed with this visit as the place is more of a resort and we are not resort people. To us, this is a place where the other people make money. It is a nice place if you like that type of vacation. They seem to have a lot of cabins and rooms to rent, as well as restaurants and a general store and other things. We do not have money for resort vacations.

This is about all we saw of the mill. We arrived on a Monday afternoon and everything at the mill was shut down. From the sign on the door, it seems the mill area inside is now a restaurant that is only open at certain times, so it was not open at the time we were there, so we could see no more than this.

In fact, it was so disappointing that I did not even use my "big camera" and only took some cell phone photos. I did enjoy watching the wheel go around, but the water came from the window above and I could not determine the flow of the water and how it got up so high.

The building to the left is where you enter for the restaurant that was not open and not a soul around.

Behind the mill is the North Fork River. This photo is taken from the bridge and you can see the mill to the right. I suppose if I would have walked out on the gravel I could have seen the mill from the back side straight on. This is much further downstream than the other places we visited already and the water was much wider and much higher. It did not feel like it was as safe to get in and wallow as other places we enjoy, although there were children in the water and one even jumped off of the bridge. The current did seem strong from what I could see, but I may be wrong.

There was a campground we considered staying at and it was okay, but many of the spots seemed difficult to park in and they all seemed tight together. They had a cowboy theme to them with fences, or it seemed to us, which was unique and fun. It would have been okay as there were no campers there that day, but we decided to move on.

We had a quick visit here and left.

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