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Dogwood Canyon

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is in Lampe, Missouri, in Stone County, in the Southwest corner of the State of Missouri. It is own by the same people who own Bass Pro Shops and several other places, such as Top of the Rock. It is below Springfield Missouri where the famous Aquarium also owned by the same folks is located.

They provide you wit this fabulous map and each station is described in detail on the back. It is much larger than I realized. I took the tram, but our original plans were to visit with our e-bikes and spend the day here. We visited impromptu when we happened to be driving by and I am glad that I did. Although it is a fabulous place, after having been to all the Missouri natural sites, it felt it did not compare. I was glad I had not made a special trip as it is so far from our home. Yes, it is a beautiful place and it is natural, but it is hard to describe why it does not compare. The elk and bison area were the highlight for me and that was something unique. August 16, 2022

This is the bridge that you cross when entering and leaving. From the map, it seems that the springs in the canyon flow into Table Rock Lake.

The Treehouse is located near the entrance and I did not have time to visit it, but hubby had to stay back with the two dogs who could not go on the tram and he enjoyed it. No. 1.

The first thing you see is the Indian Burial Cave and Little Indian Creek which has some interesting history. In 1990 there were Native American remains found dating to about 960 AD. One is probably a male in his mid-30's and the others are three children ages 2-8 years old dating to as far back as 130 AD. There is a beautiful waterfall here. No. 2.

You can see all locations in the video above as I skip some in the photos, such as the bridge. This is the inside of the Hope Wilderness Chapel. It is a favorite spot of many. Looking the other direction from this photo is a window that overlooks a waterfall, as you can see in my video above.

Walking out onto the deck you can get a better look at the beautiful waterfall.

The tram takes you over many streams of water and they are beautiful to look up or down stream. The water flows over the road so it is fun to drive through it.

There was a mink hanging around this location and the children on the tram enjoyed seeing him.



This is Thunder Falls. In the fall of 1994, the movie "Ozarks:Legacy and Legend" was filed here for the Ozarks Discovery IMAX theatre in Branson. No. 6.

She called this Eyelevel Falls as our tram passed the same level as the falls. I am not sure where this is on the map.

This is Emerald Pool. In the video they are just beautiful and she says you can walk behind the falls. She said there were old Native American remains here as well. No. 19.

This is Kids Cave. No. 12.

These are photos of the Glory Hole which is a favorite part of the park. No. 14.


This is a view at the end of the walkway right up to the top of the Glory Hole waterfall. It seems to be fed by a natural spring. I have some other photos but cannot post them all, so encourage you to watch the video.

This is the Glory Hole waterfall as it drops down and that was a fun thing to see.

More of the Glory Hole waterfall.

After entering the State of Arkansas, we came to the Elk and Bison Pasture. We could see these animals in the distance and as we moved closer, these same animals began moving toward the watering hole. It seems we visited the right time of the day. No. 22.

Our guide talked a lot about this special one who is blond and unique.

The bison all around the tree. The head of the family is right at the base of the tree, but our special guy will one day take over as head.

He stood up and kicked up some dust for us which was fun.


We really enjoyed all the babies. Here are the elk getting in the watering hole to cool down.


Longhorn cattle herd.

This little guy is young and we loved his fuzzy fur coat.



This one posed to show off for us.





What you talking about?

This is Trappers Cabin. No. 23.

This is a fall that we saw on the way out and I believe it may be Wish Bowl Falls. No. 24.




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