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Summersville Grist Mill

The Summersville Grist Mill and Park is easy to find. From Highway 60, turn north on Highway 17 for 13.5 miles. Turn right onto Highway 106 and go through the small town of Summersville and the mill is easy to spot on the right at the intersection of Elm Avenue. It is interesting that the small town of Summersville is in both Texas County and Shannon County, but I believe the mill is just barely still in Texas County. Being on the edge of Shannon County it is really not very far from Alley Spring & Mill National Park. August 14, 2022

The mill dates to 1886 and is one of the few mills left in the State of Missouri which still operates and is producing soft wheat flour. You need to make reservations for a tour inside and it is done by email which information is on their website. We did not do this in advance, but we expect it to be similar to other tours we have taken in mills. We do like visiting mills as most of them have fabulous water features we enjoy. This one has a pond and when we went the flowers were fabulous around the pond. There is a pavalion and plenty of space for gentle strolling about.






The lake lined in hardy hibiscus was totally beautiful.



This cattle was along Highway 17 and I could not get over thinking about the sight on my way to the mill, so on the return from the mill going south, I looked for them and stopped in the middle of the road, had hubby roll down his window, grabbed my camera, and took a quick photo of them before cars began to stop behind me. This is when it is SO hot outside that fighting for the shade of a tree is more important than separating from the body heat of another. Now THAT'S hot! We think there were about 30 cattle under this one tree. It surely was a sight to see.



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