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Blue Hole

Blue Hole is located on Highway AP, 9.5 miles from Highway 14. You can get to Highway 14 off of Highway 63 in West Plains Missouri. Taking AP to the North you can easily get to Noblett Lake as well. It is located in the very southwest corner of Howell County. August 14, 2022

There is supposed to be a water feature at this location, but we never found it. We could have used some better directions as to which trail to take. There was a section of the trail as seen in the video that we did not go down too far, but it was an extremely hot and humid day and we could only go so far, especially with the dogs. I have watched some YouTube videos of drones flying over the "blue hole" and it does not look that spectacular to me, so we decided to quit looking for it. There is a nice "Missouri Children's Forest" trail which we did hike the full loop. It is nice just for hiking.

The best part of this hole trip was our encounter with these two butterflies which danced on the purple flower for us for a good period of time.

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