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The Light beats Darkness


As I read this devotion I wrote weeks ago, I realize how true it is for me.  This year we did not want to decorate for Christmas.  We just did not feel like it and we were so busy we did not have the time.  By the time we would have time, Christmas would be too close.  We found our plans changed and we had a few hours one afternoon and we put up the tree. 

Yep, we put up the pre-lit tree and that was it.  No extra bubble lights, no ornaments, not garland, no popcorn strand.  It looks rather stupid during the day, but for the most part, we are not home during the day.  I cannot tell the difference at night.  It is still this thing of beauty of lights shining in the corner of my living room.  We seem to become minimalists more and more as we get older.

Simplicity beats stress.

The Light beats darkness.

The Light overcomes all.

Please pray with me. Oh Lord, I am mesmerized by You!  I think of You all the time.  I seem to spend more and more time with You.  You, O Lord, are my Light and my salvation.  May I always seek after to dwell in Your house all the days of my life.  May I gaze upon Your shining truth and please teach me Your way.  May my heart take courage to allow Your light to shine through me.  May others see Your light shining through me, rather than the sin that is also present in me that may at times make me look like a hypocrite and cause non-believers to not understand that my sin is the very root of why I need You.  Thank You for your mercy and forgiveness which beats all darkness, all sin, and overcomes it.  I pray in Your name the Everlasting Light.  Amen.

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(First posted 12/14/15)

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