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18. Self-Seeking Snuggle Holder!


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[Doodle by Tara at Doodle Through the Bible; This devotion and doodles are our Christmas gift to you and we pray God bless you richly.]

I have these two beautiful adorable little lap dogs. When they are in my lap, I selfishly feel stuck. I do not want to get up thereby disturbing them because I may never quite get back into that exact snuggly position again. I want to prolong the snuggle. I am admittedly a self-seeking snuggle holder! 

If my husband is nearby, he is so gracious to get me a drink or a snack just so I can maintain my snuggle position hold. He will miss a part of a TV show just to run to get me something. The dogs rarely sit with him, so the opportunity for me to return the favor is rare. My husband sure does carry the load of getting up and down for both of us. I feel guilty and a burden for asking him to make yet another journey throughout the house.

I am reminded that if I rely on someone too much, I may weigh them down and we both could fall. I do not wish for that at all! I would much rather be a blessing. I am reminded that I can never weigh God down. He will hold my burdens no matter what! I feel loved. Glory to God in the highest! We are able to love because Jesus first loved us. “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven” Matthew 5:16. My hope is that I can pay it forward! Christmas is a time for giving and what better thing to consider than to pay forward by giving to others the love that Jesus first gave to me.

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