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First posted 12/7/15

Would any collection of devotions be complete without the basics of Christian faith?  I look back at what I wrote and am baffled at how I started with a young child in Daddy's shoes and related it to John 3:16, Jesus's birth, and the journey theme.

Somehow I have no confidence that the devotions are reaching anyone to change their faith, but rather are reaching people already in faith, but on their daily journey of growing closer.  

Please pray with me.  To You, oh Lord, I lift up my soul.  Indeed, I wait for You this advent season and ponder Your birth and look for Your second coming.  Remember not my sins.  Thank You for what You did on the cross for me and for every other person ever in existence now and forever more.  I pray that You use this blog and these devotions to reach someone unimaginable to me that may be reading about Your great love for us for the first time.  I have no confidence that these blog posts can be used in such an awesome way, but I know You can do anything.  I want others to know that although we sin daily, we can come to You, the perfector of faith, ask for forgiveness, and be forgiven.  I want others to know that this sin separates us from You, O God, in that when we die we deserved eternal punishment in hell, but You forgive and wipe us clean and give us eternal life.  I want others to know that all we have to do is to believe what You did for us and we are saved from our sins!  It is that easy! Wow!  Thank You for making it that easy!  I think sometimes unbelievers look at all the hub-bub of talking and feel it is complicated, but it is not!  Faith is a gift from You to me and to others and it is nothing I do on this blog or in person face to face.  You do it all and if it is Your Will, use these writings as a resource.  In Your name I pray.  Amen.

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