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Unyielding Relief


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(first posted 12/6/15)

As I read my own devotional that I wrote weeks ago, I am reminded that comfort and security can be a temporary place and fill a need beautifully.  Then just when we need it, another temporary place will be provided.  I prefer the long time stability, but I am reminded that even short term security and comfort is a form of stability.

I am also reminded that stability is not always a place, but rather a person. Having a friend to just sit and understand or a helping, giving individual to lead the way may be a place of comfort, security, and stability.  

Marriage is a beautiful example of people holding each other up in a stable relationship through all other adversity.  Some marriages crack and fall apart during adversity and some marriages, like mine, build and get stronger.  

Our God is the one stability that never changes.  He never cracks and falls apart.  He wants us to build and grow stronger in our relationship with Him.  He will always be there to provide me security and comfort and to provide for me.

Please pray with me.  Lord, be gracious to me, a poor sinful being.  When the instabilities of life hit, You put my tears in a bottle (Psalm 56;8).  In You, Lord, I trust and shall not be afraid of the unknown.   You are my fortress and my rock!  You are my rock that never cracks or breaks! You are the rock that is ever present!  You are the rock that holds me up when I fall apart!  I can close my eyes and imagine rubbing a smooth rock between my fingers and it never yields to a bend or an indentation and know that You never yield to the evil one and protect me just the same.  I breathe in a sigh of relief knowing that You are my friend.  What a friend I have in You!  Thank you for being that place of stability for me.  I don't even have a petition to ask of You, only praise!  I pray these things in Your Holy name, who gave Your life for me.  Amen.


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