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A sense of urgency


In our small group we are studying revelation which is such an "advent" book of the Bible to study.  On one hand it seems inappropriate at this time of year when we focus on the happy baby Jesus moment, the singing gloria angel moments, the happy hymns, the caroling, the serving others, and good cheer.  On the other hand, it is the focus of the second coming that is in the future, not the past, that we should be considering.  Revelations comes with so many good and bad, it is the law and the gospel all wrapped up as a gift for us.  We do not like reading about the end times and all that we may have to endure.  Yet Revelations is also about the hope as believers. 

Focusing on the second coming makes us have a sense of urgency to tell the good news.

This devotion shares with us how technology makes it easy for us to act on that sense of urgency. 

Do I use technology any more after writing that devotion than I did before?  Not really.  I do share my blog, things I write, and the graphics I create in limited places where people seem more likely to already be Christians, but not on my personal Facebook stream.  I put very little there.  I tend to feel as if I might chase some away from me if I am too vocal there and that I need to keep those people as real life friends so that when the moment is right in real life, when God's perfect timing happens, I can speak to them face to face.  I tend to not act on that sense of urgency but have a more laid back approach to people I meet in real life.

There is right and wrong to both methods of witnessing.  So if you are more direct and out there in your witnessing, praise God for you!  If you are not as forbearing and witness with a whisper, know that God is using You too.  Don't beat yourself up, but rather stay in tune to the master of all who will guide and direct you and be ready to act when You feel His calling, whether it be a gift for preaching on every street corner He is calling You to do or a gentle witness personally that He calls you to do.


Please pray with me.  Jesus, thank You for your Word that teaches us those things about the revelation of You, those things that will take place in the future.  Help me to hear Your Word and understand it as the prophecy is interpreted in so many different ways.  Help us to keep peace as we discuss and try to understand.  I am growing old and my memory is not as good, Lord.  Help me to remember Your Word so that when You come again I will recognize it and know and understand fully its meaning.  Just like when people in the Old Testament times heard the prophecy of Your first coming as a babe in the manger and yet did not fully understand it, I have faith that it will all be known as truth by all some day.  I praise You because You are the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, and You are all to everyone.  Yet You are personally my Father who loves me and guides me and in whom I can trust.  I do not know it all, but You know it all and that is good enough for me.  Grant us the wisdom to know how to witness to others because, just like You, we want all to be saved from their sins and be taken to heaven to live with You in eternity.  Help me to act on a sense of urgency and fill me with You, Holy Spirit, so that it flows out easily from me to be used as a vessel by You to save others.  Put me in the right place at the right time and use me, Lord. Lead me to use the internet and technology in the way that is most beneficial to Your kingdom. I pray these things in Your name, O Almighty God, who triumphs over death.  Amen.

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(first posted 12/13/15)

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