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Christ is born!


So here is the ending devotion and I see a boy scout and wonder what that has to do with a baby Jesus in the manger and am thinking, "what in the world did I write."  I read my devotion and by the end, am realizing I just comforted myself.  It's going to rain all weekend as we sit home, planning a day of peace, quiet, and rest. 

I have already been reflecting on all the loved ones we've lost in the past year and the ones who are near death and have had compassion in my heart for their close families celebrating without them for the first time or with them during a difficult time knowing it is the last Christmas.  I remember those moments myself personally.

Storms in life draw us nearer to God.  Those are the teaching moments we remember.  Those are the moments God makes our path secure.

Then there is the "packing" for what comes after Christmas and I see that is my plan for the day too, packing in grace, peace, love, and mercy, to prepare myself for the days ahead.

Please pray with me.  Christ is born!  Lord, You were born!  Joy to the world!  Grace, peace, mercy, and love to the world! The Word became flesh!  You became man for us to reclaim what Adam lost! Thank You for comforting Your people.  Thank You for having compassion on Your people.  Thank You for Your Word that packs us with everything we need for the journey ahead. Thank You for being the light of the world!  Your love covers the harshness of this world.  You rule the world with peace and grace!  I celebrate hope fulfilled because You are the only one who can set us free from our sins.  Today is Your day, Lord!  I have no desire to pray for anything for myself or petitions for others, but merely pray a prayer of praise and thanks to You today.  I celebrate You today!  Amen.

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(first posted 12/25/15)

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