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Opportunities to Bear Burdens


Hubby and I went to free dance lessons the other night. We had a blast. When I read today's devotion and tried to think of something recent in my life that related, I thought of the dancing. 

Today's devotion is on being together and bearing each other's burdens. The theme is that it is okay to let someone else hold you up at times and at other times, it is okay to be independent. How true was that in our learning to dance! There were times we were doing okay learning and could practice independently. There were times when we were not doing okay and we were separated and the teachers worked with us individually to support our learning process (and make us look good! ha!). 

I suppose God is the same way with us. Sometimes we can use our free will and go on through life independently and sometimes we require His guidance and strength in massive amounts.

However, just as we would do once we get good at dance (if we get good! lol), we will give the dance instructors credit for what they have done for us.

In the same way, for everything we are able to do on this earth, we give God credit for what He has done for us.

[. . . and just like that, somehow I am able to write yet a whole another devotion based off my own devotion impromptu early in the morning. I give God all the credit for the abilities He has given me and how my daily life keeps seeming to come together with the devotions each day. Isn't He amazing?]

Please pray with me. I gaze at your wondrous works and am constantly amazed. Even us people who You created and how life is worked through us is amazing. No one is like You! I give You credit for everything that happens here on earth. Thank you for giving to me other people when I need them for together we can do so much more than apart. You give me opportunities to bear the burdens of others and You give me others who help to bear my burdens. You give me opportunities to teach others and You give me others who help to teach me. More powerful than that is that You, O Lord, are the ultimate bearer of my burdens and my ultimate teacher! Thank You for Your Word in Psalm 55:22 and 1 Peter 5:7 that affirms "Cast your burden on the Lord and He will sustain You." What a great promise to cling to! Thank You for sustaining me! Thank You for forgiving me of my sins daily, hourly, and every moment for those sins are many. In Jesus's name I pray. Amen.

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(first written 12/20/15)

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